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Interpretation of HIV-1 drug resistance is one of the major challenges of antiretroviral therapy (ART) monitoring. A substantial number of interpretation systems is available. HIV-GRADE has been developed in the context of other frequently used interpretation systems including the ANRS algorithm, the Stanford database and geno2pheno. Additionally, extensive databases including data of thousands of genotypes, pairs of genotypic and phenotypic data, therapy response, clinical experience of the participating experts and last but not least results from clinical trials have influenced the algorithm.

GRADE is an acronym for Genotypic Resistance-Algorithm DEutschland.


Our effort of improving drug resistance interpretation is kindly supported by:



All sequence interpretations are for research use only, not for diagnostic or clinical purposes!

No clinical decision should be based only on the results of the HIV-GRADE Algorithm or the other Algorithms you can choose for comparison.

Especially for geno2pheno:

  • All predictions below aim at predicting the in vitro resistance phenotype. Predicting in vivo resistance or clinical utility is not intended.

We hope, you may enjoy HIV-GRADE. We highly appreciate any useful comment by the users.